Pipes play a critical yet often overlooked role within our properties. We typically don’t pay any consideration to sewer pipes until there is a problem. Given the nature of pipes, a lot can go wrong and repairs or replacements can be tricky.

In recent years, the plumbing industry has seen several technological advancements that have simplified and improved the process of maintaining pipes. Chief among these is sewer camera inspection, which will be the focus of this article from the expert team at Go Direct.

If you are considering getting a sewer inspection for your property’s sewer pipes, keep reading to learn about the many benefits of this excellent sewer inspection service.

Get Accurate Diagnosis

With a sewer camera inspection, homeowners are able to get an accurate diagnosis. This could be a blockage, a break along the line, or any number of other issues. Compared to a traditional inspection, using a sewer camera is a quick, easy, and accurate method of determining the issue affecting your property’s pipes.

At-home attempts by homeowners to fix a pipe issue are unlikely to be successful without actually knowing what the exact diagnosis is.

Understand the Cause of the Issue

Getting an accurate diagnosis of the issue will help to simplify and speed up the repair process. On top of this, a sewer camera inspection will give homeowners vital information on what actually caused the issue.

For example, in the case of a blockage, there are many potential causes, from a buildup of hair to tree roots. In the case of tree roots, the best approach would be to remove the affected pipe and replace it, rather than snaking it.

Find Lost Valuables

Accidentally dropping a valuable item down a drain can happen very easily. An earring or necklace, for example, can slip down the drain and cause a great deal of panic and worry.

With a sewer camera inspection, it’s possible to locate exactly where the valuable item has ended up, so that a strategy to retrieve it can be put in place.

Track the Health of Your Pipes

A sewer camera inspection is a wonderful way to get a measure of the overall quality of your pipes. This can help to ward off any potentially costly issues that may occur down the line.

Over the years, sewer pipes accumulate a great deal of grime, including decaying food particles, soap scum, congealed cooking grease, trash, and much more. A video inspection allows homeowners to keep a close eye on the overall health of their pipes.

Detect Root Intrusions

As noted, tree roots can cause issues for a property’s sewer pipes. Shrubs and trees in a property’s garden can end up finding their way around and into a sewer line, resulting in blockages and even severe leaks.

With a sewer camera inspection, it will be possible to detect root intrusions and their specific location within the pipes. This can help to avoid unnecessary work that can increase costs and protect lawns and yards in the process.

Protect Your Property and Lawn

Speaking of protecting lawns and yards, a sewer camera inspection is a non-invasive means of examining a sewer pipe. Traditionally, digging trenches would have been required to inspect a pipe, which would have greatly disrupted landscaping and increased workload.

Rather than that labor-intensive and time-consuming process, we are able to inspect a sewer pipe with the absolute minimum of fuss. That means homeowners can save time and money.

Appraise a Property

A plumbing inspection isn’t a requirement for property appraisals or inspection, but it can help prospective homeowners to get a better idea of the property’s overall value and condition.

It is expected that plumbing fixtures are in good working order when a property is put on the market. Whether you are interested in selling or buying a property, a sewer camera inspection is well worth it.

Our Sewer Camera Inspections Save You Money

Here at Go Direct, we are the leading plumbing service in the Denver Metro area, covering sewer line repairs, sewer inspections, drain cleaning services, and much more. Our incredible $79 residential sewer line scope and cleanout offer is a great price and is available to all residential customers in the areas we serve.

We will be able to pinpoint the cause of the issue, whether this is as a result of:

  • Clogs
  • Scale
  • Tree roots
  • Bellies
  • Slope issues
  • Debris
  • Cracks
  • Sewer channels
  • Or, corroded or off-grade pipes

We know from experience that homeowners in the Denver area occasionally experience slow drains, unpleasant smells, backups, and clogs. In many older metro Denver homes, vitreous clay pipes are present, which are prone to issues with offsetting, tree roots, cracking, and shifting.

Many homeowners attempt to fix the issue on their own, using drain cleaners, plungers, and snakes. However, without properly understanding the root cause of the issue, DIY repairs are often futile.

Understanding the Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

The above information highlights the many benefits of opting for a sewer camera inspection from Go Direct. Given that most sewer line issues are hidden from clear view, it can be very difficult to determine the severity and cause of an issue. Having a clear picture of the overall health of a property’s pipes can also be impossible without a thorough sewer inspection.

Contact our experienced team today and book an appointment for a sewer pipe camera inspection. We look forward to speaking to you.

Did you know that the City and County of Denver have over 1,500 miles of public sanitary sewer lines? That’s on top of the 800+ miles of storm drainage lines they have buried underground.

Thanks to those infrastructures, Denver residents enjoy proper sanitation. Indeed, if not for these facilities, diseases like diarrhea and infections could occur. Poor sanitation may even result in trachoma, a condition that can cause blindness.

However, you’re still at risk of such dangers if your home’s sewer line develops problems. Thus, it pays to know when you need sewer line repair service. After all, Denver’s Wastewater Management Division only fixes issues affecting the city’s lines.

So if the problem lies in your private sewer line, it’s your responsibility to have it repaired.

But don’t worry; we’re here to discuss the signs indicating private sewer line woes. Read on to learn how to spot such problems and what to do if you notice them.

1. Multiple Clogged Drains

Your sewer line or sewer main connects to the city sewer system. It’s also where all the other drain lines in your home converge.

Thus, your sewer line channels all your home’s wastewater out of your property.

Therefore, when the sewer line malfunctions, so can the rest of your drain pipes. As a result, you may notice issues with multiple drains and toilets. You may also experience slow drains plus toilets that take forever to flush.

The sewer line may also become blocked over time, considering all the waste that goes through it. However, improper waste disposal of fats, oil, and grease (FOG) and “flushables” can make it clog up faster. They’re also the primary components of the fatberg that blocked Denver sewers in 2013.

So if several drains in your home take a long time to empty, take that as a sign you have sewer line problems. It’s best to call a plumbing professional as soon as possible to diagnose the problem. That way, the experts can conduct a sewer line inspection to pinpoint the cause of your drainage woes.

If the inspection reveals blockages, you may only need to get it cleaned out with snaking or jetting. However, if the pros find extensive sewer line damage, they may need to fix or replace it.

2. Drain and Toilet Backups

Garbage, corrosion, and tree root intrusions can damage and cause clogs in your sewer line. The problem can become so severe that it can lead to wastewater backing up your drains and toilets.

That’s dangerous, as wastewater carries human waste. Feces, in turn, can harbor up to 10 million viruses and one million bacteria per gram. That’s why exposure to them can result in hazards like skin and stomach illnesses.

For the same reason, please get in touch with a sewer line repair service as soon as you see drain or toilet backups. Otherwise, you might get ill from exposure to wastewater pathogens. Besides, you don’t want your house stinking up and sustaining water damage.

3. Strange and Foul Odors

Sewer odors, which usually smell like rotten eggs, often originate from dry P-traps. These are the P- or U-shaped pipes in toilets and under sinks. They hold a small amount of water that prevents sewer gases from flowing into a building.

So when the water in the P-trap disappears or dries out, stinky smells can permeate a building. Fortunately, if this is the cause of the sewer odors in your home, it’s easy to fix by pouring some water down the drain.

If that doesn’t help, though, or if the odors worsen, the issue might be due to a damaged sewer line. In that case, please call a professional sewer line repair service ASAP. Otherwise, your home may smell so bad that it can already affect your respiratory system.

4. Wet Areas and Sinkholes in the Garden

If some areas of your garden remain wet after or between watering cycles, one or more of your pipes may be leaking. Likewise, sinkholes (or depressions) may develop due to a leaking underground pipe.

In the above scenarios, you may have a leaky water line, a damaged sewer line, or both. If the water smells foul, the problem is likely due to the latter. Also, if it involves a sinkhole, please don’t enter it, as doing so may lead to accidents and severe injuries.

Instead, call a sewer line repair contractor ASAP to diagnose the problem. They will use specialized cameras to find leaks or other issues in the pipes. They can then determine if a water pipe or your sewer line has sprung a leak.

The good news is that you may be able to get either fixed without disruptive digging. That’s as long as you get in touch with experts specializing in trenchless sewer repair. With this method, there’s no need to dig an entire trench, thus, minimizing landscape damage.

5. Unexplainably Green Lawn

Have you noticed a section of your garden looking much greener and healthier than the rest? If so, and you did nothing to turn it that way, you most likely have a damaged sewer line.

A broken sewer line can cause plants to seem “healthy” since sewage is rife with plant nutrients. For instance, it’s full of nitrogen and phosphorus, which plants use as food.

While that sounds beneficial, remember that sewage contains loads of harmful germs. Moreover, the smells emitted by sewage can attracts pests, including roaches and rodents.

You don’t want those critters to invade your home since they can cause even more damage. So, call a sewer line repair specialist as soon as you notice unexplainable changes in your lawn.

Never Delay Necessary Sewer Line Repair Service

And there you have it, the top signs indicating you need sewer line repair service. Now you know they include clogs, drain backups, sewer smells, wet spots on the lawn, and “greener” grass. You also learned how damaging and dangerous sewer leaks are.

So, as soon as you notice those symptoms, please don’t delay calling professionals for help.

If you suspect your Denver home has a damaged sewer line, our team here at Go Direct is ready to assist. Contact us now, and we’ll be happy to diagnose and address your sewer woes.

The sewer lines around your home are the epitome of “out of sight, out of mind.” In fact, as long as your drains are working and your toilets are flushing, it’s easy to overlook the entire plumbing system altogether.

If you want to mitigate plumbing emergencies, though—a burst pipe or backed-up toilet is certainly enough to ruin your day—you must be proactive. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, take steps to prevent them in the first place.

This starts with scheduling a sewer line inspection. Every 18 months or so, it’s wise to call out a professional to assess the state of your sewer system. Here are some of the biggest reasons why:

1. To Combat a Stubborn Mold Infestation

If some areas of your home have developed a musty smell or you’ve discovered actual spores that you can’t seem to get rid of, the problem may lie within the sewer lines. When pipes crack, air can make its way into the lines, creating the perfect environment for mold to thrive and then spread throughout the rest of the plumbing system.

Combatting such an infestation starts with identifying the source of the problem, which demands a thorough sewer line inspection. And if the cracked pipes are beyond repair, sewer line replacement may be the only way to eliminate the mold spores entirely.

2. To Keep Pests Out

Regular sewer line inspections can locate problem areas, like the cracks mentioned above, that will expose your home to pests if left unchecked. Cockroaches and other insects can enter your property through compromised sewer lines and then breed in the nooks and crannies they decide to call home until you’ve got a full-fledged infestation on your hands.

If the technician spots any potential issues during the inspection, they can propose strategic solutions for addressing them before they get worse and invite pests.

3. To Speed up Drainage

If one of the drains in your home is slow, it may have a localized cause. If all the drains seem to run slow, however, there may be a much larger problem in the sewer line. From snaking tree roots to excessive debris, like solidified grease, there are more than a dozen scenarios in which the main sewer line can develop a clog. Regardless of the specifics, though, the only way to identify the cause is by performing a comprehensive inspection.

4. To Save on Costly Repairs

Scheduling regular inspections and addressing minor issues before they devolve into major problems could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It will also extend the life of your system, thereby allowing you to put off a costly sewer line replacement until absolutely necessary.

Schedule a Sewer Line Inspection Today!

If your property is due for a sewer line inspection, turn to the trained technicians at Go Direct Plumbing Sewer & Water. The most trusted sewer line contractor in the Denver area, Go Direct is backed by more than 50 years of collective experience in the field. Specializing in sewer line repair and replacement, they know what it takes to get the job done right the first time around. To book service for your Denver home, reach out online today!

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How Often Should Sewer Lines Be Replaced?

Sewer lines generally last for 50 to 100 years. Excluding extenuating circumstances, orangeburg pipes tend to have the shortest lifespan (about five decades), while PVC pipes have the longest (more than a century).

If you’re not sure when your property’s sewer lines were last replaced, it’s wise to call out some technicians from Go Direct, so they can assess the situation. Performing residential sewer line replacement preemptively is always preferable to waiting until disaster strikes. Aging sewer lines are prone to collapsing, corroding, and getting clogged with calcification.

Snaking tree roots and extreme temperatures can also pose issues, shortening the lifespan of sewer lines considerably.

How Can I Tell a Sewer Line Needs to Be Replaced?

The easiest way to determine the state of a sewer line is by calling out a professional. If you’re not sure when your pipes were installed, ask Go Direct to perform a video inspection. Their knowledgeable technicians will identify any problem areas and let you know whether you should take advantage of this limited-time offer or, if your lines are in good shape, wait a bit longer to maximize their lifespan.

Of course, not all replacements are performed proactively. Sometimes, compromised pipes clog, crack, or burst before homeowners have a chance to replace them. When this happens, it’s important to act fast to prevent further damage to both the plumbing system and the surrounding property.

Signs you should call Go Direct ASAP to schedule home sewer line replacement include:

  • Sewage backup in the sinks and/or drains in your home
  • A foul odor on your property
  • Soggy patches of grass
  • Sinkholes

If you notice any of the above, call Go Direct immediately. They have representatives available 24/7 to answer the phone. As owner Jose Garcia notes, “We’re ready and waiting with our sewer scope.” He adds, “And if it turns out you’re facing an emergency, we offer financing on all residential sewer line replacements to help ease the unanticipated expense.”

About Go Direct Sewer Line Repair

At Go Direct, we’ve established a reputation for getting even the most complex jobs done right the first time around, not to mention on time and within budget. While our current deal of $750 off home sewer line replacement won’t be available forever, you can be sure we’ll always provide personalized and attentive service when addressing your plumbing, sewer, and water needs. To discuss your concerns with someone on our team, call (303) 288-0039.

As insignificant as it may seem, sewer odor can be a massive problem when it happens in your building, whether you own the building or it’s your place of employment. Sewer odor can be very bothersome and has negative effects, especially if the property is commercial. The offensive smells will affect customers in such a way that any businesses situated in the building may suffer the consequences. It can even drive away current employees, or in a worst case scenario, cause health problems. It doesn’t matter how clean your building environment is, if there is a bad smell that surrounds the people constantly, any kind of temporary masking techniques will be pretty much useless. Such odors are the result of a sewer line issue and will inevitably require a sewer line repair or sewer line replacement.

So what’s the cause behind these awful odors that often originate from mysterious parts of the building and later become a major problem? Go Direct Plumbing Sewer & Water, your Denver sewer line repair experts, have compiled everything you need to know about sewer odors including why the subject is so important and should’t be ignored!

What’s the cause of sewer odor?

Sewer odor is technically the sewer gas that comes out of the building’s sewer system. This gas is actually a mixture of certain inorganic gasses that contain hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen. Among these, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and methane have a naturally foul smell and this is typically the root cause behind bad sewer odors.

Every sewer line releases this combination of gasses but if released in very small amounts, which is usually the case, all of it is almost odorless. In fact, they’re often not even detected by the human nose. However, when the accumulation is built up more significantly, the odor becomes more and more bothersome and even has the potential to harm a person’s respiratory systems.

How do sewer odor gasses get into buildings?

Sewer gasses don’t typically just enter buildings. Rather, they escape through various routes like restrooms, basements, janitorial closets, vents, etc. Gasses like these are obviously meant to be directed outside. But, thanks to careless plumbing mishaps, it’s possible that sewer gas can enter the building directly and worse, it can stay in the building long enough to start bothering people.

There are various possible routes from which sewer odor can enter a building. These are the routes that you should be checked upon immediately if your building has a sewer odor problem.

  • Blocked vents: Facilities usually have actively running vent systems that are there to facilitate plumbing. The primary purpose of a plumbing vent is to nullify the atmospheric pressure that is created when waste water runs through various plumbing systems. Unfortunately, when there’s a blockage in a vent, the gas cannot escape out of the building anymore and starts building up inside causing the offending odor issues.
  • Damaged drain lines: A damaged or cracked drain line can also be the origin of a foul sewer smell in a building. Because of a cracked or damaged line, the gasses are released into the building itself rather than being carried outside. This route is a very rare one for raw sewage and the accompanying sewer gasses, but can be the result of a building’s age or catastrophic events like an earthquake, flooding, etc. In the absence of urgent attention and proper sewer line repair, damaged drain lines can be a bigger issue.
  • Dry traps: Dry traps are considered the most common reason for sewer gas issues. A dry trap is a very simple device that lends itself well to a plumbing mishap. Consisting of a U-shaped piping and tubing, it connects the sewer lines with restrooms and janitorial closets. When gasses accumulate in a dry trap, they release the gas into the building rather than taking it out.

Are sewer gasses hazardous?

Sewer gasses made up of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and methane are harmful if inhaled closely because of the concentration levels. They can have a dangerous and depressive effect on the human neural system and can even be fatal at a point. But, when they are released with other gasses as a mixture from sewers, the concentration is pretty low which is why they aren’t particularly harmful. Without a professional sewer line repair or full sewer line replacement, the gasses will become more and more bothersome and irritating rather than being physically fatal.

How to stop sewer odor permanently?

To temporarily tackle a sewer odor problem caused by a dry trap, simply pour liquid down the dry trap so that the gasses dissipate and the odor goes away. But, because this is only a temporary solution, when the trap goes dry again the smell will come back. Cleaning blocked vents and repairing damaged drain lines is almost impossible to do on your own. The best solution to combat the odor issues caused by these particular situations is to get professional help. A professional sewer line repair company, such as the experts here at Go Direct Plumbing Sewer & Water, is an excellent example of a go-to solution for all sewer-related issues including the removal of sewer odors in buildings.

Are you experiencing a sewer line issue in your building resulting in offensive sewer odors? One of Go Direct’s Denver sewer line repair specialists is here to help you diagnose your problem. We’re the most trusted sewer line repair and sewer line replacement contractors in the metro area with over 50 years of combined experience. We know how to get the job done right, quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us today for more information…

Your sewer system is one of the essential systems in your home, including its many crucial pipes and connections. When it has problems, including blockages, leaks, ruptures, and more, you have two choices; Do it yourself, or call in an experienced sewer line repair professional.

Before you decide upon a course of action, know this; Sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, or even maintaining your sewer system’s lines and connections is not as easy of a task as it might seem. If not done precisely and correctly, the problems home sewer pipes cause can be disastrous. (Your home flooded with feces and urine? No, thank you!)

In other words, when it comes to your home’s sewer system, leaving it in the capable hands of an experienced company offering sewer line repair services is a must. Still think you can diagnose and treat your home sewer problems yourself? If not, below are the top 7 reasons to call a professional plumbing, sewer, and water line contractor.

Reason #1 – Years of Experience

Years of home sewer pipe repair experience, including maintaining and replacing sewers lines, water pipes, and connections is the most significant difference between a typical homeowner and a professional, experienced sewer line contractor. There’s simply no way to replicate this, no matter how many DIY projects you might have performed around your home.

Reason #2 – A Specific Skill-Set

Professional sewer line repair contractors have been highly trained and passed many tests and exams. This training provides them a specific skill-set and skill level that, frankly, the average homeowner does not possess. These are men and women who have trained for years, and they know precisely how your home’s sewer system and its many components work, and how they work together.

Reason #3 – The Precise Tools to Get the Job Done Correctly

You’ll find a plunger in nearly every American home, it’s true. The specific, unique tools necessary for a home sewer pipe repair, including maintenance and replacement if needed? Not so much. A professional sewer contractor has them, though, and all the replacement parts most home sewer line repair jobs demand.

Reason #4 – A Much Higher Margin of Safety

One of the most dangerous aspects of a home sewer line is the harmful gases they often contain, some of which can even be deadly. Cracked, broken, punctured, or split sewer pipes can also leak contaminated water onto your yard. That’s dangerous for both the contamination they create and the fact that a large enough leak can cause massive problems for your home’s foundation.

Reason #5 – Insurance, Warranties, and Guarantees

Sewer line replacement, or repairing pipes, joints, or another part of your sewer system yourself means taking full responsibility for any future problems that your DIY repairs might cause. When a professional sewer line repair contractor provides the work, you get all the guarantees including the warranties and insurance coverage they bring to the table. This covers you in case of a future sewer disaster caused by shoddy workmanship or faulty parts.

Reason #6 – Full Compliance with Local Ordinances and Codes

The average American city has all sorts of ordinances and codes about how sewer lines and systems need to  be installed, repaired, and maintained. If you’re a typical homeowner though, it’s a good bet you’re not educated on any of them. This has the potential to cause problems that are going to cost a whole lot more in fines and penalties than hiring a professional home sewer pipe repair specialist would have cost in the first place.

Reason #7 – Speed and Efficiency

When your home has a severe sewer situation, you don’t have time to waste while it gets worse. An expert sewer line repair contractor can get the job done much more quickly and efficiently, saving you time, money, and stress.

Bonus – Tips to Avoid Home Sewer Line and System Problems 

The best way to prevent expensive sewer line repair bills is to prevent expensive sewer problems from happening in the first place. To help you do that, we’ve got some easy-to-implement, real-world tips below:

  • Use enzyme-based cleaners in your home for the dishes and laundry. They’re better for your pipes and, as a bonus, better for the environment, too.
  • Don’t flush anything down the toilet except what your body deposits and regular toilet paper. Anything else can cause a clog that could cost you big bucks in repairs.
  • Keep plants, trees, and shrubs as far away from your sewer line as possible. The roots especially can cause massive problems for your sewer system.
  • Replace clay or lead pipes if your home is older. Yes, the investment might be significant, but the cost of damage if they burst could be catastrophic.

Final Thoughts 

There are plenty of things around the typical American home that a handy DIY enthusiast can fix. However, as we’ve seen today, a sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, or install isn’t one of them. A home sewer pipe repair specialist has the experience, skill-set, and tools to get the job done right, plus the warranties and insurance to cover you if they don’t.

If you have more questions, need help, or have a sewer or water line emergency, contact the sewer line repair professionals at Go Direct Plumbing Sewer & Water. Our trained technicians have over 50 years of combined experience. We know how to get the job done right, quickly and cost-effectively!

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