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One of the most important steps Go Direct takes when arriving at your Phoenix area home is a plumbing camera inspection of your sewer line. This allows our technician to scope your sewer line and get a visual of the line in order to see if the sewer backup is caused by tree roots, clogs, scale, cracks, debris, slope issues, bellies, sewer channels, or other issues in the sewer line.

Sewer Camera Inspection Phoenix Process to Diagnose Sewer Line Backups

To diagnose hidden sewer problems in your home, a typical Phoenix sewer scope starts with a video inspection using a sewer camera pushed through your pipes on a sewer snake. Depending on where the backup occurs, we will run the sewer camera down branch lines (from sinks, showers, or bathtubs to the main line) or down the house’s main sewer line leading out to the street where it connects with the municipal sewer line.

Once we view your sewer lines with the sewer camera, we can pinpoint whether the sewer backup is being caused by:

If the sewer camera finds a clog and can push through the obstruction, it will continue out to the main sewer line to see if there are additional problem areas. The sewer snake can then grab the clogs and pull them out. If the sewer camera finds buildup and debris, sewer jetting will be recommended.

If significant damage is found in the sewer line, technicians can use the transmitter on the sewer camera to prepare for excavation. Our technician stops the camera at the damaged area, then goes outside and waves a locating device until it picks up the transmitter’s signal. The area is marked so we know where to dig to replace the sewer line

Benefits of a Sewer Scope

Some of the problems that make a sewer scope and clean worthwhile include:

Sometimes when Phoenix homeowners experience backups, unpleasant smells, slow drains, or clogs, they often try to fix things on their own first. Homeowners try plungers, drain cleaners, or the type of snake available in hardware stores to clear blockages without knowing the root cause of the problem. Without the benefit of a sewer camera this can cause additional damage to the sewer line and incurring more cost to repair. Take advantage of our sewer line scope and cleanout special to save yourself time and money!

How a Sewer Line Scope Works

You may still be wondering how a sewer line scope works. Simply put, a sewer scope is a waterproof electronic camera on a flexible rod that lets a trained technician visually inspect your sewer lines and any other underground pipes that may be part of your home’s foundation. A flexible rod allows the sewer scope camera to travel through the pipe in real time—even around tricky turns or corners—so that your technician can see the condition of your pipes. Sewer scopes enable your Go Direct Services technician to diagnose any existing or potential problems with your line and suggest cost-effective, no-middleman solutions. The images captured by the sewer scope are saved and become part of your customer history.

Direct Tip

Before you purchase a new home, consider doing a sewer camera inspection in addition to a routine home inspection to avoid problems and expensive repairs after you move in.

Phoenix Sewer Scope Cost

Plumbing camera inspection costs are far less than the cost of a sewer line repair if problems go undetected. Sewer camera scope and cleanouts coupons for residential properties are available. There are some exceptions for larger properties with longer sewer lines or difficult access.

To diagnose problems Go Direct runs a plumbing camera through your pipes on a plumbing snake. We view the inside of the pipe on the screen of a handheld device. The plumbing camera picks up a variety of problems, including tree roots, misaligned, broken, punctured, off-grade or corroded pipes. The plumbing camera also identifies grease buildup, leaks, clogs, and obstructions.

We also offer plumbing camera inspections for prospective homebuyers who want to make sure the house they plan to purchase doesn’t have sewage problems. Just like the cost of regular home inspection, the cost of a plumbing camera inspection protects homeowners from costly, hidden problems after they move in.

If the sewer line scope finds a clog during the plumbing camera inspection, the plumbing snake can grab the clogs and pull them out. We call this a “Scope & Clean.” We can repeat the inspection after any service to verify the line has been properly cleaned or repaired.

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