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Whether you are buying a new home or suspect your home or business has a sewer issue, a sewer inspection can help detect problems. Contact Go Direct today!

Why You Need Sewer Camera Inspection Service

A broken or backed-up sewer system can lead to a disaster that may cause health risks. If left untreated, broken or clogged sewer systems can also lead to costly repairs or replacements. A sewer camera inspection can help detect issues so you can follow up with sewer line repairs before the problem gets worse.

Go Direct Plumbing, Sewer and Water specializes in sewer scope inspection services such as sewer inspections, repairs, installations, and replacements. Not only do we have the expertise but also the equipment to handle any job, big or small.

What Are Sewer Backups?

Sewer backups are a foul-smelling, extremely gross mixture of human waste, dirty water, garbage, and mineral salts flowing into your home. Raw sewage contains organic matter and bacteria that emit odorous gases and harmful pathogens into the air you breathe. So, if you have a sewer backup in your basement or any part of your home, you need to get it cleaned immediately and contact us for sewer inspection and repairs.

Possible Causes of Sewer Backup

There are many causes of sewer backups. Your sewer system — whether private or shared — contains pipes that allow wastewater to flow from your home to its destination (a septic tank or an underground sewer main).

When something clogs these pipes, it prevents wastewater from flowing effectively. Eventually, this polluted water will get backed up and end up in your home.

Sewer backups are often triggered by putting items down drains that shouldn’t be in there. This includes grease, oils, fats, wipes, solid objects, hair, certain foods, and more.

However, issues can also take place due to plumbing problems inside your home or outside of the house, including roots infiltrating pipes, improper seals in pipes, older pipes deteriorating, or even traffic over sewer pipes. These same issues can take place in septic backups.

Another thing that can potentially cause a sewer backup is heavy rain. When rain falls heavily, the sewer system can fill up with water that’s forced through the pipes in your home, resulting in sewer backups.

In addition, some homes have affluent pumps that pump wastewater to its destination. These pumps can malfunction and cause a backup.

How Our Process Works

Here’s how our sewer line inspections work.

Step 1: Locate the Sewer Line Issue

Sewer line problems are usually hidden from plain sight. That’s why we use an advanced sewer camera to inspect your pipes. We begin the process by pushing the camera through the pipes in your home where the backup is. This allows us to view the problem on a handheld device.

Step 2: Recommend a Solution

Once we identify the cause of your sewer backup, we come up with a customized solution tailored to your needs. Our recommendation may include sewer line repair services, such as using a sewer snake to remove whatever is clogging your pipes or sewer line jetting that helps clean your sewer line. In a worst-case scenario, sewer line replacement may be required.

The following are just some of the issues that could be the cause of your backup:

  • Tree roots that have grown into the sewer lines, causing them to clog
  • Debris clogging the pipes
  • Sewer channels
  • Misaligned, punctured, or corroded pipes
  • Grease and waste buildups
  • Vitreous clay pipes (VCP) prone to cracking, shifting, or offsetting (usually found in older Phoenix homes)
  • Improperly installed pipes that can have slope issues or a low spot referred to as a belly
  • Layers of pitch and wood pulp pressed together, also known as Orangeburg pipe.
  • Cracks and breaks from wear and tear or tree roots

Step 3: Fix the Problem

Whether you require water or sewer line repairs or a complete sewer replacement job, we can help get the job done right and on budget.

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