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You probably smell it before you see the backed-up sewage in the sink, tub, floors, or around drains. That stench is unmistakable. You need sewer line cleaning in your home and you need it now.

Blocked sewage systems can cause enough water pressure to cause pipes to split or even break. Then the problem gets a lot worse and more expensive if you need sewer line repair or sewer line replacement. It’s important to solve blocked sewer lines as soon as possible to keep your family and your home safe.

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Sewer Line Cleaning Solutions
Our expert team can diagnose the problem instantly. If the solution to the sewer line problems is a sewer line cleaning, we will recommend one of these options and take care of it immediately.

Sewer Snake
A sewer snake also called a drain auger, is a long cable that is flexible enough to go down the drain and around any bends in the pipes. The snake is used to clear the blockage and pull out the clogged material, restoring the flow of sewage away from your house and into the municipal sewer system.

Hydro Jetting
Hydro jetting cleans your drains thoroughly, rather than just pulling out clogged material. The hydro-jet (a high-pressured water jet, similar to a pressure washer) forces water through the sewer line to clear out clogs, break up tree roots, and remove grease or hard debris built up inside the sewer line walls that block the sewer pipe.

Sewer Line Cleanout
If your home does not have sewer cleanouts, we may recommend installing them. A sewer cleanout is a pipe with a cap that provides access to the line, making a sewer line cleaning easier and removing blockages. We can easily install them during the sewer line cleaning service inside and outside of your home.

Providing the Most Trusted Sewer Line Cleaning Solutions in the Phoenix Areas

What Causes a Sewer Line Blockage?
No matter the age of your sewer lines, blockages can happen. Conducting regular inspections and cleaning will keep your sewer lines in great shape and flowing freely. Here are some common causes of blockages that can be easily avoided.

Tree Roots
If you have trees nearby your home, tree roots can be a danger to your sewerage lines. Sewer pipes carry moisture and nutrients that attract tree roots, causing roots to break through the pipes to reach them. Large roots can block off part of the sewer line, leading to a clog that needs to be removed.

Sediment Build-up
If you live in an area with hard water, your line could be susceptible to mineral and sediment build-up. Water often carries minerals and sediment with it, which can build up inside the pipe, narrowing it and obstructing water flow. A water softener system installed before the water reaches the line can help.

Human Error
Be careful what you pour down the drain and flush down the toilet. Flushing paper towels, feminine hygiene products, facial tissues, and kids’ toys can clog sewer lines. Hair, coffee grounds, grease, and other items that go down the drain can also create clogs.

How Sewer Line Cleaning Works

Step 1: Book an Appointment

Don’t delay in getting in touch with our team if you see or smell signs of sewer problems. Go Direct has representatives ready to answer calls from Phoenix metro area customers at (602) 922-3232 to book an appointment.

Step 2: Sewer Line Inspection
Our sewer line cleaning specialists can diagnose the problem on the spot and will have the equipment with them to fix the problem. We use a video camera pushed through the sewer line to find the clogs and damage. We’ll let you know whether you need a sewer line cleaning, sewer repair, or sewer line replacement.

Step 3: Sewer Line Cleaning
If the problem can be solved with cleaning, we decide on the best cleaning method depending on the problem and get to work. Your sewer line will be clean and functioning optimally again in no time.

Step 4: Testing & Guarantee
We switch the water back on and test the sewer line is flowing perfectly. Then we conduct a thorough clean-up and guarantee our work for 5 years. We’re always on call if you need us again.

Why Choose Go Direct Plumbing Sewer and Water
Go Direct is the most trusted sewer line repair and water line repair contractor in the Phoenix area. With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, our trained technicians will give you peace of mind by knowing your project will be completed by skilled professionals.

As specialists in water and sewer line repair and replacement, we troubleshoot problems and create customized solutions. We have technicians available, and we can get to your Phoenix home quickly. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured so you know that you and your property are protected.

We are proud of the strong relationships we build with our customers. We are always committed to providing an unbeatable service every time. Find out what they say about us in our reviews. [insert reviews]

Sewer Line Cleaning Pricing
We know that cleaning, repairing or replacing your sewer line or water line is an unexpected expense. We offer interest-free financing for 18 months and a selection of coupons to help our customers.

Our experienced crews use modern and well-maintained equipment to complete the job efficiently and within budget. While other companies outsource their plumbers, you deal directly with us and avoid the middleman, keeping the cost down.

The Go Direct Guarantee
We are proud of the high standard of sewer line cleaning services we provide. To offer our customers excellent peace of mind, we guarantee our work for 5 years. If any issues arise, simply give us a call and we will take care of them right away.

Book Your Sewer Cleaning in Phoenix
Don’t delay in booking your sewer line cleaning service. Let us tackle the issue for you before it gets worse. Get in touch to find out how we can solve your sewer line problems today. Go Direct has representatives ready to answer calls from Phoenix metro area customers at (602) 922-3232 to book an appointment.

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