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Imagine your life without running water – you can’t use your tap, flush a toilet, or take a shower? When your water line bursts, you want the problem fixed right away. Go Direct has representatives available to take your call at (602) 922-3232.

Go Direct specializes in Phoenix water line repair and replacement. Most metro Phoenix area homes connect to a municipal water supply line and have a water line entering your home through a crawlspace, basement wall, or concrete slab. Damage to water lines in the Phoenix area can be caused by the ground shifting due to expansive soils, tree roots, material decay, rust, corrosion, or freezing temperatures. You may notice water line problems from high water bills, low water pressure, or sinkholes developing around your property.

The age of your water line along with the type of material used dictates whether a main water line repair or replacement is the best solution. We also look at the history of repairs, if there is one. A previously repaired water line should probably be replaced to avoid future repairs.

If you live in an older metro Phoenix home, your water lines could be made of lead or galvanized steel pipe. With galvanized steel pipes, holes and cracks can appear and result in leaks or ruptures. Decaying lead pipes can be dangerous to your family’s health, as lead particles seep into your water supply. A water line replacement would be a better option than a main water line repair in these instances.

Based on your particular situation, Go Direct will recommend either traditional or trenchless water line repair or replacement. We understand this can be an unexpected expense and offer financing.

Direct Tip:

To see if there is lead in your home’s plumbing or water lines, Phoenix Water customers may want to do a water quality test. You can go to the Phoenix Water Services Department for more information.

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